TeleMediQual has been developed by AccepTV in collaboration with the IVC research group of the IRCCyN lab and the LARIS lab.

TeleMediQual Monitor has also been developed with the help of medical experts from the Hospital of Angers, France (CHU d'Angers). We want to thank them for their help.

Actually, TeleMediQual is based on both:

  • Previously existing technologies from AccepTV: QoS measurement, audio and video processing, offline and live processing modes, reporting, "probes and server" solution

  • And new technologies developed during a project funded by the European Space Agency (ESA): QoE metrics (reduce reference video quality metrics dedicated to medical procedures, reduce reference audio quality metric), enhanced reporting

Finally, TeleMediQual is a products line containing two products:

Whereas TeleMediQual Monitor is dedicated to telemedicine, IP QoS Monitor can be used for other applications than telemedicine.