Image for Engineering

Software engineering

For all our customers and for all our products, we develop additional features in order to facilitate the integration of our products. Moreover, this development is done for free if it is reasonably feasible ou if it can be of interest for other customers.

If you're interested in our products but need a specific application or product in the field of image or video processing, AccepTV can perform Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) and develop a custom application for your company. This application can use several technologies:

  • Image or video processing techniques,
  • Decoding of image or video files/streams (in a frame accurate manner),
  • Encoding of image or video files/streams,
  • Transcoding of image or video files/streams,
  • DirectShow,
  • Video capture cards,
  • Video rendering cards,
  • Network (TCP, UDP, RTP, RTSP),
  • Web (HTML, javascript, PHP, FTP, SNMP),
  • Mobile (C/C++ under Windows Mobile 5.0 or above, DirectShow Mobile),
  • VirtualDub filters.

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