QoS technologies

TeleMediQual Monitor and IP QoS Monitor can both measure the Quality of Service (QoS) of one or several telecommunication channels.

To measure QoS, TeleMediQual Monitor and IP QoS Monitor use the following technologies:

  • Delay, jitter, reordering and corruption metrics based on UDP test packets
  • Machine health metrics
  • Communication with a central server for remote monitoring in real time
  • AJAX for the generation of real time maps for monitored networks

QoS measures:

  • are first computed by receiving probes: these probes regularly receive UDP test packets (sent by other probes running in "sender mode").
  • then, they are sent to a centralization server which gathers the results from one or several probes in order to enable to perform remote monitoring in real time, browse past measures and draw real time maps of the QoS in the monitored network.